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Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

We are virus removalspyware removal specialists.  Your Anti Virus Software does its best to defend against virus threats. To reduce the chance of a virus infection, you should update and scan for viruses on a regular basis.You may have been infected by a virus, If you're noticing some or all of these symptoms...

System slows down or restarts by itself.
Your Virus Scanner is disabled.
Programs unexpectedly crash or freeze or do not start up.
Unusual error messages appear during normal operation.
Pop-up's appear during internet browsing.
Search engine results or web links divert to websites other than expected.
Programs start-up or shortcuts appear on your desktop to programs you haven't installed yourself.
Unexpected loss of data.

To prevent future infection, you can follow these steps...


Anti-Virus Software - Install an Anti-Virus application and make sure to update it daily. A
full virus scan should be scheduled to run at least once a week.

Windows Updates - Keep your Operating System up-to-date. Microsoft Windows has a Windows Update website for Windows XP or earlier. Windows Vista & Windows 7 have a built in Windows Updates feature accessed from the Windows button.

Phishing - Always be weary of opening emails from people you dont know. Unsolicited emails pretending to be from your bank could contain links prompting you to part with personal information including usernames, passwords or bank account information. This is known as Phishing.

SPAM - Be careful who you give your personal information to. Freely parting with your email address on social networking or unfamiliar websites can result in increased volumes of spam email to your mailbox. Once these "spammers" have your address there is little your can do to prevent them sending more and more emails. Its these emails that can often contain links to infected websites or attachments.

Telephone Scams - If someone rings you pretending to be affiliated with a particular company (Bank, PayPal, Microsoft, Virus Software companies, etc) and claim to know information about you, the chances are that they simply have your telephone number and are "phishing" for more information, going on the answers you give to their questions.

Best practice would be to hang up...simply giving out your Date of Birth and Email Address could be enough information to reset your Online Banking password!

Other recent phishing scams include the caller pretending to be from a well known software provider or anti-virus company, informing you that you have a virus, claiming to be able to remove it either by you allowing them to remote control your laptop or computer, or by paying a fee over the phone.

Installing their software (a Key Logger) will result in all your key presses and computer usage being logged and sent back to them.  If you do your banking online, your bank login details would almost certainly be logged.

Paying the removal fee will mean that you have given out your bank name, credit/debit card number, expiry date, security number, and possibly your PIN, allowing them to clone your card for future withdrawal.

If you are concerned about the security of your Laptop or Computer, please make a call to our support number, or request a callback via our contact form, and we will arrange a home visit and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

We charge a flat rate of £30 for our virus removal service.